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Welcome to My Graphic Designer Portfolio

My name is Shaira Barnette, and I am a freelance graphic designer and art director in Central Florida…(learn more here.)

Shaira’s Blog

As a new blogger, I will be documenting my love for DIY, health & beauty, lifestyle, and travel. It’s exciting to share experiences and memories. You can catch up on my most recent blogs here.

Do You Need a Freelance Graphic Designer?

If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer and would like to see my work, my online graphic designer portfolio may be viewed online. You can find that here. I work on many different and exciting projects.

When it comes to my profession, I believe I can help you and your business stand out from the competition by providing memorable designs for use in both print and digital media. If you are wanting to be unforgettable and are in need of a freelance graphic designer, I am currently accepting new clients. Contact me today!

freelance graphic designer Shaira Barnette

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